Physiotherapy in Hanoi

Swiss Physiotherapist Flavia Breu offers physiotherapy for adults, children and babys.

About me

Flavia Breu from Switzerland

I received my Bachelor of Science in Switzerland in 1997. For four years I worked in the well known Rehabilitation Hospital in Valens, Switzerland. I specialized in Rehabilitation, Neurology, Trigger Point Treatment and Hydrotherapy. From 2001 to 2002 I lived in South Korea and worked at the Rehabilitation Hospital in Ilsan, Seoul. Returning to Switzerland I started my specialization in Paediatrics (Neurology, Orthopedics and Hydrotherapy) in the Rehabilitation Hospital for Children in Affoltern am Albis. In 2005, I moved back to Asia and have been working in private clinics in Singapore and Bangkok before coming to Vietnam in February 2011.
I speak English, German and French.

My Specialisations

Treatment of Myofascial Triggerpoints

Manual treatment of Triggerpoints, 1997,
Dry Needling, 2014

Mobilisation of the neurological system

Neuromeningeal mobilisation, 2000
Neuromusculary mobilisation, 2004

IBITA Bobath-Concept (NDT)

Basic course, 1998, advanced course, 2000,
NDT paediatric course 2003

Pelvic Floor Training

Kegel technique, 1997
Pilates technique, 2012

Kinesio Taping

K1 and K2 course in Kinesiotaping, 2016

Baby massage

Baby Massage Instructor training, 2010


Halliwick, Bad Ragazer Ringmethod, 1997

My Therapy Offers

General physiotherapy for adults

– Treatment after surgery or trauma
– Back pain
– Muscular skeletal problems or pain
– Neurological problems (stroke, brain damage, central   or peripheral paresis)
– Pelvic Floor insufficiency

VND 1,4 M per session of 45 min


– Rehabilitaion after sportsrelated injuries or surgeries 
– Prevention of injuries in athlets
– Optimise level of functional,occupational and sports specific fitness regardless of age and ability

Dry Needling

Dry Needling is a very effective deep relaxation technique to treat pain and referred pain caused by tight muscles (Myofascial Triggerpoints) with acupuncture needles.

Kinesio Taping

Both classic and fingerprint tape is now available in my clinic. Kinesiotape is more than traditional rigid tape which increases stability in a loose joint. Through its special ability to stretch and curl back it has a deep effect on muscle fibers, fasciae and the lymphatic system. Depending on the technique in which it is applied it supports muscle function or it helps muscles to relax and is highly effective at reducing bruises or swellings.

Ultrasound Therapy

Ultrasound therapy is the use of sound waves to treat musculoskeletal problems like acute pain, inflammation or swelling from injuries (sprains, tendinitis, bursitis) via an increase in local blood flow. The application is very gentle and  therefore ideal for acute pain treatment. The intensity or power density of the ultrasound can be adjusted on my machine depending on the desired effect.

Paediatric physiotherapy for children and adultes

– Neurological problems (Brain damage or Problems in central nervous system, Celebral Palsy, Down’s Syndrom)
– Developmental delays
– Orthopedic problems (e.g. flat or inverted feet)
– Treatment after surgery or trauma

VND 1,4 M per session of 45 min


I offer the following classes on a regular basis. 

Pelvic Floor Training

It is recommended that all woman exercise their pelvic floor muscles everyday throughout life specially after pregnancy, child birth or during menopause.

In this course you will learn to strengthen your pelvic floor and core muscles to gain a better posture, a firm trunk and to prevent incontinence (involuntary loss of urine), low back pain or prolapse of the uterus or bladder.

VND 2,1 M for 6 sessions of 45 min
(4 participants)

10am every Tuesday, 9am every Friday
max 4 participants
VND 2,1M for 6 sessions


Baby Swimming Classes

The babies learn from 4 month onwards to submerge confidently and swim under water. No floating or swimming aids are used. 

Jumping into water and being able to get back to the surface unaided not only helps children increase their self-esteem but also makes them safe around water and prevents drowning accidents.

VND 1,5 M for 6 sessions (30 min)
min 4, max 8 participants

Beginners course age 4-18 month
2:30pm Tuesday
VND 1’250’000
min 4, max 6 participants

advanced course for toddlers who participated in flavia’s beginners course
3 pm 5.11./19.5./26.11./3.12./10.12.
VND 1’250’000 
min 4, max 6 participants

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Baby Massage

For babies from birth to crawling
Massage is a great way to promote posture, balance, flexibility and agitility in your child. It also alleviates the symptoms of many childhood complaints such as respiratory congestions, sticky eyes, colic and sleep-lessness.

This course will teach you the different techniques involved in baby massage an about the benefits and pleasure of intimate moments between parent and baby.

VND 1,2M VND for 4 sessions
(45 min each)
min 4, max 6 participants

10am Fridays
25th October, 1st Nov, 8th and 15th Nov
1,2M VND
min 4, max 6 participants

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Patient Testimonials

Here’s what my clients say:

Personally had successful treatment with dry-needling for muscle trigger points and fascia massage. Extremely professional and accommodating for appointments.

Emma Silva

I have been seeing Flavia for several years for a variety of sports injuries, and she has always had a fantastic intuition as to what the underlying problem is, and just how to fix it!

Mike Perkins

Flavia is a gifted physiotherapist. She is both very knowledgeable and intuitive, and always curious and invested in her patients‘ problems.

Carolina Cruz

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